Bunny. (bunnypoo) wrote,

We're on a "break"

So Tuesday morning at 3AM, Sebastian texts me, "Hey, are you home?" I responded, "Yes, I went home from work early. ha ha I'm surprised you give a damn." (I said that because the previous night I said how it felt as he didn't care about me like he used to) Well then he said "Well all I wanted to say is that I think we should take a break for a couple of days and then sit down and talk after a couple of days." My response? "Wow, I see your balls haven't dropped yet considering you had to text that to me instead saying it in person."

How fucking lame. We've been dating for two years now. I believe I deserve a little bit more respect than that.... than getting that through a text message.

I know he's been working a lot, off duty and regular duty. But still. All I ever do is be a good girlfriend... I cook him breakfast in the morning when I wake up. I clean. I give him random kisses. I don't know what the hell it is. All I know is that I feel like this every few months (feeling as though he doesn't care as much) and I know it's not ME.

It's now Saturday morning. We still havent had a real conversation. All we say is hello (if we see each other). This is really killing me.

I just want to hug him and cuddle with him right now. I need that so much right now. Work tonight was such a load for me. What did I do, to make him feel this way?!
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