Bunny. (bunnypoo) wrote,

Sooo last night I had a talk with Sebastian about he makes me feel like a stupid piece of shit, because he always calls me an idiot or stupid. I told him how bad it makes me feel and I felt as though he had no interest in me anymore. He said it was because it's been very stressful moving into a new house and our schedules never match. Okay, I believed it, because those are the same excuses that went through my mind before I actually talked to him about it.

Well tonight I needed a ride from work after I went 10-7. It was midnight, and he was at Howl at the Moon earlier and he said he would come get me. Well we decided to have a beer after i got off of work at Cigarz. While sitting down and just talking about random conversation, he doesn't seem interested at all and he calls me stupid, once again, knowing that it made me feel bad. He already called me stupid on the way into CW. I told him don't do it. yet he does it again????

Now I feel like a worthless sack of shit because of my bf. I really didn't think it was possible until recently. NO BOYFRIEND will make me feel this bad. I'm ending this.

because he just doesn't understand what it is to love.
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