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My give a damn is busted.

Things lately have been really stressful. Being pulled from the corporal rank at work because of my attendance points. It's such politics. Why wasn't I warned before? I need to get a new job. Preferably in law enforcement, because right now, I'm just wasting my abilities on mind numbing patrolling. I know I am the one who makes up the difficulty of the job, which is already easy enough. I need a challenge. When I was doing corporal shifts, I was already feeling comfortable with it. I need challenges!!

Moving has been stressful. Especially when you dont have a working car. Well, my car works, but it overheats. I've been without a car for about two and a half weeks and have been bumming rides off of co-workers. I'm so thankful that I've had help on that, but I have a lot of other shit to do so I've been freaking out about this. I had my radiator replaced by a friend the other night but it's still overheating. I think my car hates me.

/end rants
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