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dating mad models and poppin mad bottles

So I've noticed, that I'm pretty happy right now, despite not having a job. and I want really badly to go back to school. So jobless and school-less, but I am happy. Been submitting my resume everywhere on monster.com.

I am off my medication and I couldn't have felt any better. I'm happy where Seb and I stand in a relationship too. It wasn't rushed, and it's taking time. But that's what makes things good... time. No "L-word" yet. Ugh! I'm too scared. I never said it first before!

Tonight, we're going downtown to meet up with a couple of police academy grads there. Should be fun. I am definitely gonna pace myself... and probably will be DD too. The party that we had the other week...yeah... definitely passed out early. I was a disaster. =[ I just wanted to reach the goal of being drunk and having fun. But I went overboard. Again.

Today I received this little package in the mail with tons of H2Ocean product. Over $100 worth of stuff. T-shirts and tattoo and piercing aftercare. Awesomeee!
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