Bunny. (bunnypoo) wrote,

i'm not loose, i like to party.

So tonight, Sebastian is having a party at our house. He's graduating police academy next week, so this is pretty much the last party we're going to throw probably. Well, before he's officially law enforcement.

I hope it goes well and not like last time. Last time, it was a disaster for me. I got too drunk and caused trouble, and I passed out early too. I drank way toooooo much. So tonight, I just hope I have fun. I invited very few people of my own friends. I want to mingle amongst everyone.

I'm already drinking, sipping on my Riesling wine.

I hope it turns out well. I'm pretty excited for Seb for the next week. His parents are coming Sunday to be here for his graduating. I'm pretty nervous. Why? because what I talked about my 2nd to last entry. The subjects will probably be brought up. It always is, conversations with family/parents.
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