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get well soon.

I havent updated in awhile because I guess I havent had any depressing moments lately haha. There have been a few situations at work that have gotten me stressed out, but I dont want to be writing about them on the internet since what started the situation in the first place. That make any sense? Good.

Chris and I have been doing very well in our new house. It's been about 4 months now in the new place and I havent been happier. I miss going out with friends sometimes but all I did was drink. I still drink but definately not like I used to at all.

Back on the subject of friends, I get so down about the fact how I dont have many girl friends down here in Orlando. I just want to have girl friends who I can shop with and do girly girl things with. Booooo

Eh, I guess that's all thats going on. My website has more updates than this LJ.
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