Bunny. (bunnypoo) wrote,

/begin [another] rant

Okay, now I'm just going to vent a little. The past two nights, Sebastian has not said goodnight to me. Sunday I guess that's alright because I was coming home from Sarasota from a photoshoot and Jill was with me so I understand if he didn't wanna small talk and just wanted to sleep. But last night... there's not really an excuse that I can think of. "Oh I was tired/exhausted/sick". Yeah, too tired, exhausted or sick to walk 5 feet into my room to say goodnight. I was in my room all that night, and I was on my bed just laying down flat on my stomach waiting for him to say goodnight.

Whatever. I'm confused, but should I look that deep into this? Is it something more? Is something wrong? I don't want that cliche line of "hey, what's wrong? maybe we should talk"

I'm hoping it's just stress. In a criminal justice book I read, it talked about how police academy and the profession of law enforcement is very stressful- and it's hard for friends and family to understand. Because theyre doing so much paperwork, overtime jobs, constant danger, yadayadayada. and that friends and family need to be supportive. I'm hoping it's just stress. I mean, he DOES have tons of tests coming up.

Yeah, that's it.
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